Elastic Cloud Serverless pricing and packaging

With Elastic Cloud Serverless, we are simplifying and offering increased flexibility with our new solution-specific pricing and packaging for Security, Observability, and Elasticsearch.


Elastic Cloud pricing evolved

Elastic Cloud has long been the best way to use the Elastic Stack. The launch of Elastic Cloud Serverless expands Elastic Cloud with a new set of services built on the industry’s first Search AI Lake. Our pricing and packaging for Elastic Cloud Serverless was designed to be simple while offering you increased flexibility. This will make it easier for you to use, forecast, and manage your serverless deployments. 

Note: The changes discussed here apply to our Elastic Cloud Serverless offering; our existing Self Managed and Cloud Hosted (Elasticsearch Service) offerings retain existing pricing and packaging.

Serverless pricing and packaging objectives

In building the pricing and packaging for Elastic Cloud Serverless, we saw this as an opportunity to evolve our pricing approach to better fit with how you are using our solutions today and will use them in the future. In doing so, we identified the following objectives for pricing and packaging:

  • Simple and flexible — solution-specific (Security, Observability, and Elasticsearch) pricing that is simple and easy to understand; flexibility to pay for just the Elasticsearch platform or for an Elastic solution that has Elasticsearch underpinnings

  • Built with established business metrics — for ease of planning and budgeting

  • Scalable, no required commitment — works for small and large customers; easy to try new solutions and/or features

  • Competitively priced

Solution-specific pricing and packaging

With serverless, we now have pricing and packaging that is distinct and designed specifically for our three solutions:

We also offer different packages along with a few supplemental add-ons, giving you flexibility to tailor pricing to meet your needs. For example:

  • Security Analytics Essentials provides traditional SIEM for $2.25 per GB ingested, $0.095 per GB/month for Search AI Lake

  • Security Analytics Complete extends SIEM to an AI-driven security analytics platform for $2.75 per GB ingested, $0.115 per GB/month for Search AI Lake

  • Endpoint Protection is also available as an add-on for $1.25 per endpoint (when purchased with Essentials) or $1.50 per endpoint (when purchased with Complete)

Simplified pricing metrics

When we chose to introduce three new offerings as part of Elastic Cloud Serverless, we wanted to deliver dedicated experiences in the product as well as in the pricing model. Unlike our approach with Elastic Cloud Hosted pricing, which is based on provisioned capacity of a specific Cloud instance type, serverless is priced based on metrics that are aligned with the solution domain, making it simpler and easier to forecast usage.

  • Simplicity: For Security and Observability, this means pricing is based on the amount of data ingested and the size of the data retained in the Search AI Lake. For any optional add-ons you choose, these will also have simple pricing metrics. Details can be found here for Security and here for Observability.

  • Simplicity plus configurability: For Elasticsearch, pricing is based on Virtual Compute Units (VCUs). Think of VCUs as a vertical slice of a virtual host with 1GB of RAM and associated local disk and vCPU. You are charged for each VCU consumed for Ingest, Search, and Machine Learning. For the data stored in the Search AI Lake, there is a GB/month charge. The number of VCUs is automatically adjusted based on your workload, with changes in ingestion or searches affecting the number of Ingest or Search VCUs you use. Additional details can be found here for Elasticsearch.

Consumption friendly

At Elastic, we make it easy to purchase Elastic Cloud — either directly from us or via the AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure Marketplaces. Both options use our Cloud consumption model, which is billed monthly for pay-as-you-go customers or allows you to pre-purchase Elastic Consumption Units (ECUs) at a discount. If you are a current Elastic Cloud customer using our prepaid consumption model, and you have an ECU balance, you can use those ECUs for any Elastic Cloud offering — Hosted and/or Serverless. Any future ECU purchases can also be used for our Cloud Hosted and/or Serverless models. If you are a Cloud monthly customer, you can choose a hosted deployment or serverless project, which will all accumulate toward your bill.

Mix and match product tier and support tier

With serverless, you can now choose one of our four support tiers for your entire Elastic Cloud organization. Unlike Elastic Self-Managed and Elastic Cloud Hosted, you can choose the features you use in Elastic Cloud Serverless on a per-project basis. So your Elastic Cloud organization can be at the highest support tier (Premium), but you can have one or more Elastic Security Serverless projects that use the Essentials product tier. Similarly, your Elastic Cloud organization can be set to the Basic support tier, but you have one or more of your Elastic Security Serverless projects use the Complete product tier. Note that the support tier you select must be the same across your entire cloud organization.

Pricing and packaging built for you

With our Elastic Cloud Serverless pricing and packaging, we have simplified getting started and growing with Elastic so you can focus on results. Our solution packaging closely matches how you use Elastic. The Elastic Cloud Serverless pricing dimensions are simple, intuitive, and easy to forecast usage. We are also maintaining and even increasing the flexibility that Elastic is known for, allowing you to keep using the same customer-friendly consumption models for your serverless consumption.

The release and timing of any features or functionality described in this post remain at Elastic's sole discretion. Any features or functionality not currently available may not be delivered on time or at all.