Using Elastic Consumption Units for billingedit

Metering and billingedit

All Elasticsearch Service usage is metered and billed in Elastic Consumption Units (ECU). An Elastic Consumption Unit is a unit of measure for Elasticsearch Service resources (capacity, data transfer, or snapshot storage).

The nominal value of one Elastic Consumption Unit is $1.00. You can use our pricing calculator or our public pricing page to estimate your costs in USD, and then apply the conversion rate of 1 ECU = $1.00 to calculate the ECU equivalent.

Your monthly usage statement is issued in ECU, though it also includes the currency equivalent of your consumption. The Usage page in the Elasticsearch Service Console also shows usage information in ECU.

Contractual information and quotingedit

When you sign a prepaid consumption contract, you are purchasing Elastic Consumption Units which can be used to cover your Elasticsearch Service usage throughout your contract period.

Elastic Consumption Units measure the value of your usage, as opposed to measuring the cost of the purchase, which may vary based on currency rate and discount.

Elastic Consumption Unit metering, billing and quoting is currently only available for customers on the prepaid consumption billing model. We will gradually extend ECU metering for other types of customers.