PagerDuty and Elastic

Get the right data-driven alerts to the right people at the right time.

Solution overview

PagerDuty and Elastic provide an integrated solution for real-time alerting so you can make data-driven decisions, fast. When combined with the speed and scalability of the Elastic Stack, the PagerDuty platform's scheduling and notification capabilities enable companies to proactively monitor and respond to digital system issues.

Build a dynamic monitoring and alerting experience to keep a pulse on performance. PagerDuty integrates directly with the Elastic alerting framework, which powers the threshold and metric alert creation user interface within Kibana as well as the native alerting experience for apps like Metrics, Uptime, APM, and SIEM.

Any alert, no matter where it is created, can tie in directly to PagerDuty and trigger a workflow complete with necessary system information from the Elastic Stack.

Key capabilities

From cyber threat response and escalation to proactive infrastructure warning triage, PagerDuty and Elastic enable companies to get ahead of system crises by combining the power of their real-time data signals with the right people expertise at the right time.

  • Quickly build real-time, data-driven alerts with the speed, scale, and relevance of the Elastic Stack
  • Tie alerts to actions that trigger PagerDuty workflows designed to initiate investigation and resolution
  • Customize the information sent to PagerDuty to include variables such as severity, component, source, and more so response teams have a detailed understanding of what’s taking place

Use cases

Elastic and PagerDuty work together to help companies address critical use cases.

  • System observability

    From container logs to distributed traces, collect all of your systems' signals using the Elastic Stack. Then create customized alerts to proactively trigger on any metric or threshold. Use the PagerDuty integration to engage the right teams at the right time to get in front of potentially severe outages.

  • Security

    Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of the Elastic Stack to protect your company against potential digital threats. Set up customized alerts against anything from authentication logs to DNS traffic and connect them to PagerDuty’s operational platform to make sure your security practitioners are the first to spot malicious behavior.

Learn more

Interested in learning more about the integration between Elastic and PagerDuty? Check out the resources below for technical documentation as well as more information on PagerDuty's website.