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Since 7.7, Elastic Enterprise Search combines App Search and Workplace Search. Download or deploy on Elastic Cloud.

Release date:
September 24, 2020

Refer to the detailed App Search documentation and Workplace Search Documentation for more information about deployment, operation, and maintenance.

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Installation steps



Make sure Java 8 or Java 11 is installed and available.


Setting up Elasticsearch

You'll need to get Elasticsearch up and running with security features enabled:

  1. Download Elasticsearch 7.9.x and navigate to the uncompressed directory.
  2. Locate config/elasticsearch.yml and add the following configuration:
  3. true true
  4. Start Elasticsearch:
  5. $ bin/elasticsearch
  6. Generate and retrieve a random password for the elastic user:
  7. $ bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto

You may also manually generate passwords using the elasticsearch-setup-passwords command.


Setting up Elastic Enterprise Search

  1. Download Elastic Enterprise Search 7.9.0, and navigate to the uncompressed directory.
  2. Locate config/enterprise-search.yml and add the following configuration:
  3. ent_search.auth.source: standard
    elasticsearch.username: elastic
    elasticsearch.password: ELASTIC_USER_PASSWORD
    allow_es_settings_modification: true
  4. You must also set at least one encryption key in the same config/enterprise-search.yml configuration file (256-bit key recommended) as an array:
  5. secret_management.encryption_keys: [ENCRYPTION_KEY_1, ENCRYPTION_KEY_2, ...]

For more information on encryption keys for Enterprise Search, refer to the configuration guide.


Start Enterprise Search by specifying a password for the default enterprise_search user:

$ ENT_SEARCH_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=passwordexample bin/enterprise-search


Log in to the Elastic Enterprise Search experience at http://localhost:3002 using the enterprise_search username and the password previously specified at start time.


From the Elastic Enterprise Search Home area, select the product experience that fits your use case best.

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