Proactive storage decideredit

The proactive storage decider (proactive_storage) calculates the storage required to contain the current data set plus an estimated amount of expected additional data.

The proactive storage decider is enabled for all policies governing nodes with the data_hot role.

The estimation of expected additional data is based on past indexing that occurred within the forecast_window. Only indexing into data streams contributes to the estimate.

Configuration settingsedit

(Optional, time value) The window of time to use for forecasting. Defaults to 30 minutes.


This example puts an autoscaling policy named my_autoscaling_policy, overriding the proactive decider’s forecast_window to be 10 minutes.

PUT /_autoscaling/policy/my_autoscaling_policy
  "roles" : [ "data_hot" ],
  "deciders": {
    "proactive_storage": {
      "forecast_window": "10m"

The API returns the following result:

  "acknowledged": true