Create usersedit

Let’s create two users in the native realm.

  1. Log in to Kibana with the elastic built-in user.
  2. Go to the Management / Security / Users page:

    User management screenshot in Kibana

    In this example, you can see all of the built-in users.

  3. Click Create user to make a new user. For example, create a user for yourself:

    Creating a user in Kibana

    You’ll notice that when you create a user, you can assign it a role. Don’t choose a role yet—​we’ll come back to that in subsequent steps.

  4. Click Create user and create a logstash_internal user.

    In Getting started with the Elastic Stack, you configured Logstash to listen for Metricbeat input and to send the events to Elasticsearch. You therefore need to create a user that Logstash can use to communicate with Elasticsearch. For example:

    Creating a Logstash user in Kibana