Installing Pluginsedit

The documentation for each plugin usually includes specific installation instructions for that plugin, but below we document the various available options:

Core Elasticsearch pluginsedit

Core Elasticsearch plugins can be installed as follows:

sudo bin/plugin install [plugin_name]

For instance, to install the core ICU plugin, just run the following command:

sudo bin/plugin install analysis-icu

This command will install the version of the plugin that matches your Elasticsearch version.

Community and non-core pluginsedit

Non-core plugins provided by Elasticsearch, or plugins provided by the community, can be installed from, from Maven (Central and Sonatype), or from GitHub. In this case, the command is as follows:

sudo bin/plugin install [org]/[user|component]/[version]

For instance, to install the Kopf plugin from GitHub, run one of the following commands:

sudo bin/plugin install lmenezes/elasticsearch-kopf 
sudo bin/plugin install lmenezes/elasticsearch-kopf/2.x 

Installs the latest version from GitHub.

Installs the 2.x version from GitHub.

When installing from Maven Central/Sonatype, [org] should be replaced by the artifact groupId, and [user|component] by the artifactId. For instance, to install the {plugins}/mapper-attachments.html[mapper-attachments] plugin from Sonatype, run:

sudo bin/plugin install org.elasticsearch.plugin/mapper-attachments/3.0.0 

When installing from or from Maven Central/Sonatype, the version is required.

Custom URL or file systemedit

A plugin can also be downloaded directly from a custom location by specifying the URL:

sudo bin/plugin install [url] 

must be a valid URL, the plugin name is determined from its descriptor.

For instance, to install a plugin from your local file system, you could run:

sudo bin/plugin install file:///path/to/

The plugin script will refuse to talk to an HTTPS URL with an untrusted certificate. To use a self-signed HTTPS cert, you will need to add the CA cert to a local Java truststore and pass the location to the script as follows:

sudo bin/plugin install https://....