This is the official PHP client for Elasticsearch. It is designed to be a low-level client that does not stray from the REST API.

All methods closely match the REST API, and furthermore, match the method structure of other language clients (Ruby, Python, and so on). We hope that this consistency makes it easy to get started with a client and to seamlessly switch from one language to the next with minimal effort.

The client is designed to facilitate the API call using different way to read the results using associative array, object, string or PSR-7.

Refer to the Getting started page for a step-by-step quick start with the PHP client.

PSR 7 standardedit

The Elasticsearch PHP client uses the PSR 7 standard. This standard is a community effort that contains a set of interfaces defined by the PHP Framework Interop Group. For more information, refer to the PSR 7 standard documentation.