Add a Credit Card

If you want to use Elastic Cloud beyond the trial period or if you want to use features not included in the trial, you need to add a credit card to your account. Your credit card information is sent securely to our billing provider and stored with them.

Your credit card will not be charged, unless you increase the capacity beyond what the free trial offers, add a third availability zone, or the trial expires while the cluster is still running.

Just want a quick price estimate? After selecting region, capacity, and number of availability zones for a cluster, you get the price per hour and the accumulated price per month. The monthly price is only for convenience, as billing is done by the hour. This implies that you can test a bigger or smaller capacity and only pay for the hours used.

We also offer AWS Marketplace billing, if you prefer not to add a credit card directly.

To add or change credit card:

  1. Sign in to the Elastic Cloud Console.
  2. Go to Account and then Payment.
  3. Fill in your billing details.

If you ever want to end being charged for a deployment, you can stop new charges by deleting the it.