Sourcemap Upload APIedit

The APM Server exposes an API endpoint to upload source maps for real user monitoring (RUM).

Upload endpointedit

Send a HTTP POST request with the Content-Type header set to multipart/form-data to the source map endpoint:


Request Fieldsedit

The request must include some fields needed to identify source map correctly later on:

  • service_name
  • service_version
  • bundle_filepath: needs to be the absolute path of the final bundle as it is used in the web application

The source map must follow the Source map revision 3 proposal spec and be attached as a file upload.

You can configure a secret token to upload sourcemaps.


Example source map request

curl -X POST \
  -F service_name="test-service" \
  -F service_version="1.0" \
  -F bundle_filepath="http://localhost/static/js/bundle.js" \