Grab your towel. Adventures await.

Follow these few steps to download the latest stable versions and get started.


Get Elasticsearch

You know, for search — and logging, and analytics, and more.

After downloading, watch Getting Started with Elasticsearch.

Choose platform:

Get Kibana

Your window into the Elastic Stack. Visualize and manage your data.

After downloading, watch Getting Started with Kibana.

Choose platform:

You're "go" for launch

Fire up your engines, it's time to fly.

Start Elasticsearch
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Start Kibana
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Open Kibana

You've cleared the tower and are well on your way.

Open your browser
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Activate additional features

Optional: Unlock Platinum features such as machine learning, security, alerting, graph analytics, and more with a free, 30-day trial.

To get started, open the Management app in Kibana and click the Start Trial button under License Management.

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