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How Adopting Elastic at Bankwest was a Catalyst for Cultural Change

Hosted by:

Rob Crowley


Digital disruption is driving sweeping change across many established industries and finance is no exception. In order to increase business agility and foster experimentation, Bankwest's technology strategy is focused on breaking down existing monolithic systems into smaller distributed components organized around business capability, from which a requirement for centralized logging emerged. Elastic looked like a natural fit, and whilst we had confidence it would meet our requirements, what we didn't anticipate was how it would become a catalyst for wider cultural change.

This case study will look back at the journey we've been on at Bankwest with our adoption of Elastic. We'll cover the major use cases we have for it, including how an innovative grass roots experiment led to the creation a real-time search solution across over 4 million customer records with Elastic as it's backbone. What all these use cases will demonstrate is the business value that can be unlocked from organization's existing data that previously went unrealized.

This session is suitable for anyone who is interested in gaining insight into the kind of challenges faced and takeaways from real life initiatives leveraging the Elastic Stack.

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