Total Economic Impact of Elasticsearch: Elastic delivers a 293% ROI and drives revenue improvement for customers


Elastic customers have seen a 5% revenue improvement within three years, among other benefits. 

How? Using Elasticsearch, developers can ingest and connect various data sources to provide their companies, employees, customers, and/or public access to information and tune results for faster, more precise answers. Elasticsearch AI/ML powered search is designed to maximize performance and compute resources to deliver applications that can scale as businesses grow. Improving customer and employee experiences with search applications can allow organizations to reap profitability and productivity gains. 

Elastic recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of Elasticsearch in order to help budgetary decision-makers fully understand the impact of partnering with Elastic to optimize their business. The TEI examines the return on investment organizations realized by deploying Elasticsearch to expand their existing solutions and develop new ones. 

The study showcases the value that Elastic customers are achieving and provides guidance to help you consider the costs, benefits, risks, flexibility and business impact Elasticsearch can bring to every data driven organization

Key results

The TEI study examines how Elastic customers have benefited from using Elasticsearch. Key results from this investment include:

  • 5% revenue improvement by year three
  • 90% productivity improvement in IT labor savings
  • 25% reduction in licensing costs
  • 293% ROI 
  • $16 million in quantified benefits across five different benefit value categories
  • More than $12 million in net benefits (after costs) across those same benefit categories
  • Less than a six-month payback period of the initial investment
three year benefits

Customers' interviews noted that before using Elasticsearch, their organizations had issues with response times, user scalability, data source scalability, stability, functionality, and flexibility. Failure to resolve the previous performance and capabilities led to high costs.

After investing in Elasticsearch, customers could easily expand and enhance their existing solutions, adding new users and solutions seamlessly. Because of this, customers saw increased revenue from search-assisted solutions, cost reductions, improved labor productivity, and reduced search team turnover. 

Increasing profitability

The study revealed that organizations saw revenue improvements for direct revenue generation solutions by improving customer satisfaction and search capabilities for internal sales assistance.


In one application we were able to quickly scale up from 1,000 clients to 9,000 clients.

Global head of sales management platform, financial services

Elasticsearch improved performance by four times, even with a larger database. We were able to onboard larger customers. We now have 10 times the volume with no concerns about performance.

Director of data analytics and engineering R&D, networking products

Boosting employee labor productivity

In addition, employees in various roles were more productive using solutions with Elasticsearch internally due to speed in obtaining results, increased breadth of information from data consolidation, and built-in analytics, resulting in front-line workers saving two hours per month.


With [Elasticsearch] we are now more effective at supplying our retail employees with what they are looking for with minimal effort. They get more, better, faster, and simpler. The time savings have been fairly significant.

Digital workplace technical product manager, retail

With our prior solution a developer error could lock up a database for hours, [which would bring] down the whole application. With [Elasticsearch], only a fraction of the application would be affected, and one developer would fix it in 30 minutes.

Global head of sales management platform, financial services

Learn how Elastic can improve your organization

The study contains numerous quotes and details about additional business value uncovered with Elasticsearch. Read the full study to get a deeper understanding of all benefits our customers have achieved. In addition, Elastic asked Forrester to provide a spotlight into the impact of Elasticsearch on development teams. Read this focused study to learn more about the results developers have experienced working with Elasticsearch. 

Elevate search with AI

In addition to the benefits identified by Forrester, Elasticsearch continues to empower organizations to build new search experiences that bring value to organizations. Recently, Elastic announced the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE), which allows customers to bring a new wave of AI innovation to the forefront of their business. The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine combines the best of machine learning with Elasticsearch to give developers the ability to integrate with large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. Learn how Elastic can bring the power of AI innovation to your business.


Elastic enables everyone to find the answers that matter. From all data. In real-time. At scale.

Ash Kulkarni, CEO, Elastic