Articles de Quin Hoxie

Tech Lead, Elastic

Search Solutions Tech Lead

Quin Hoxie is the Search Solutions Tech Lead at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, he was the co-founder and CTO of Swiftype, where he oversaw the development of the technologies behind their site search and enterprise search products.


Le sans état : le nouvel état de la recherche avec Elasticsearch

Découvrez le futur de la recherche Elasticsearch sans état. Découvrez ce que nous entreprenons pour créer une nouvelle architecture entièrement cloud-native pour repousser les limites en termes de scaling et de vitesse.


Elastic Enterprise Search Beta 2 released: Now with even greater connectivity and extensibility

We’re pleased to announce Elastic Enterprise Search Beta 2, which contains new features to connect people to what they need — with speed and relevance at scale.


Introducing the Elastic Enterprise Search Beta: Search Everything, Anywhere

The Enterprise Search beta is here. Say farewell to lost files and hundreds of open tabs. Search is here to help.


Swiftype Joins Forces with Elastic

There's a whole lot of site search and enterprise search goodness on the horizon.