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Getting started with the Elastic App Search web crawler

Presentado por

Diane Tetrault

Director Product Marketing


Casey Zumwalt

Senior Product Manager


Oleksiy Kovyrin

Tech Lead


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Introducing the Elastic App Search web crawler — a new way to ingest web content. 

Ingesting content into your search index is the first step towards building a great search experience, but it is often one of the most complicated. With the release of the web crawler, App Search is dramatically simplifying the process of ingesting web-based content, making it easier to build modern search experiences for your users.

In this hands-on webinar, we’ll explore why we built the web crawler, how to use it, and what’s coming next.


  • What is the web crawler?
  • Customizing the web crawler
  • Common use cases
  • Live demo: Setting up and crawling content on Elastic Cloud

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