Elastic Enterprise Search: Getting started resources

Here’s a handy collection of documentation, videos, blogs, and training to help speed along and optimize your search projects with Elastic Enterprise Search.

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App Search: Getting started


Workplace Search: Getting started


App Search: Indexing data

The all-important data ingest step sets the foundation for the search experiences you'll build. Learn more about the variety of ways you can index data in App Search:


Workplace Search: Connecting content sources

A host of prebuilt content source integrations with popular storage, collaboration, and productivity tools — Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, GitHub, Salesforce, Confluence and many more — simplify the Workplace Search ingest process. Learn more:


App Search: Searching

Get some search best practices and general tips for maximizing the App Search experience:

Workplace Search: Searching

Take advantage of the modern search experience Workplace Search provides with these how-tos for homing in on just the result you're looking for:


App Search: Tuning relevance

App Search is pretuned for relevance right out of the box, but fine-tuning in real-time is simple. These resources can help:


Workplace Search: Prioritizing content sources

With just a slider, you can boost the priority of content sources your teams value the most. See how easy it is to customize results by team:

App Search: Customizing the UI

The free and open Search UI is a React library that gives you incredible flexibility for tailoring your search experiences for maximum impact:


Workplace Search: Advanced indexing

With the Custom Source API, you can index data from any source, whether it’s a homegrown data platform, a legacy system, or anything in-between:


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    Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale in a single stack.

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    Get comprehensive prevention, collection, detection, and response for your organization.