Artículos escritos por Piotr Kobziakowski

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic


How Elasticsearch machine learning helps telcos reduce power consumption in 5G networks

Telcos are exploring various solutions to reduce power consumption in 5G networks. Machine learning from Elasticsearch is one such solution that can help.


The impact of NWDAF on telco service providers: Embracing vendor agnostic data analytics

By combining the power of NWDAF with vendor agnostic data analytics, network operators can obtain a comprehensive and unbiased view of their network performance, empowering them to make better decisions and improve user experience.


Embracing 5G: A new era of challenges

Given the vast amount of data needed to monitor 5G networks, the need for robust, flexible, and scalable solutions to manage and analyze data has become crucial. Wilab and Elastic provide an ideal solution to address these challenges.


Play: Modernizing telecommunications with the Elastic Stack

Learn how Play used Elastic Observability to unify their telco data - transport, RAN, HW, planning, CP, PM, environment, physical structures, topology, subcontractors, and more - to predict and resolve issues faster.


Telecommunications observability with the Elastic Stack: Monitoring voice traffic data

The Elastic Stack is a powerful tool for telco monitoring. Learn how easy it is it to perform analysis of call drop ratio (CDR), network efficiency (NER), answer seizure (ASR), SIP traffic, calling/called numbers, anomaly detection, and more.