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Improving Search Relevance at Scale with Elastic App Search

Hosted by:

Tarik Bennett

Tarik Bennett

Senior Solutions Architect



Companies generate a lot of data, but often times, they don’t even realize how much of that information is inaccessible to the people who could use it. With project-specific communication, departmental disconnects, and siloed business units, so much valuable data goes unshared — data that could be used to achieve objectives, grow the business, or just improve general operations.

The key to making information accessible throughout your organization is… search. More specifically, highly relevant search that brings back the right answer on the first try, putting the power of information in the hands of your employees and stakeholders. Implementing this type of search doesn’t have to be difficult.

Regsiter today to learn how easy it can be to implement the powerful and highly relevant Elastic App Search. With our intuitive interface and curated APIs, you’re closer than you think to taking control of your information and empowering your company.

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