Making the Content Conduit Faster: Search at Emerson

For Emerson Process Management, Elasticsearch became the cornerstone technology and changed the game for indexing, searching, and retrieving critical documentation of customer quotes and orders. Indexing changed from months to hours, searches that took 40-50 seconds are now done in sub-seconds, and unhappy users are now ecstatic when retrieving critical customer order documentation.

Mark Heindselman

Mark Heindselman is the 35+ year employee of Emerson Process Management / Fisher Controls based out of Marshalltown, Iowa. Mark’s role is the Director of Knowledge Network and Information Services which includes the management of the enterprise content management solutions, the corporate Information Center and the corporate Records Center functions. Mark is been involved in content management systems since 1998 when the first fully web based content management solution, Intradoc, was rolled out with only 3 applications and less than 1200 documents. Today the content management team uses a combined solution using the best of both Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter Content to meet the enterprise content management needs. Along with managing enterprise content management solutions Mark’s team integrates world class enterprise search solutions from Elasticsearch and Google.