How the Elastic Stack Changed Goldman Sachs

See how Goldman Sachs leverages Elasticsearch to solve business problems and manages Elasticsearch usages centrally. Deep dive into a business use case that tracks trade flow across multiple systems in real time.

Haiying Guo

Haiying Guo is a Vice President in Engineering at Goldman Sachs. She joined Goldman Sachs in 2008. Haiying is the product manager in the Technology Infrastructure group primarily focused on developing, engineering and managing internal dynamic compute cloud offering for ElasticSearch. Prior to that, Haiying was the Global Architect for Goldman Sachs Derivatives Confirm and Settlement Systems. Haiying has 15+ financial industry expertise in architecting and managing applications in both Derivatives Operations and Cash Equities Trading. Haiying earned a BS in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

Ilya Gaysinskiy

Ilya Gaysinskiy is Vice President and Technology Fellow in Engineering at Goldman Sachs. He joined Goldman Sachs in 2010. Ilya leads Development Practices Group part of Enterprise Platforms, primarily focused on firm’s software development, continuous integration and continuous delivery platforms. Prior to that, Ilya was the chief architect for Goldman Sachs Derivatives Operations Technology. Ilya has 16+ years of experience across financial, pharmaceutical and information security industries. Ilya earned a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University.