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Elastic and AWS: Accelerating the cloud migration journey

Learn how Elastic enables organizations to monitor, analyze, and protect AWS and on-premise workloads within a single pane of glass — at every stage of a cloud adoption journey. This can help teams stay on budget and on time.


Elastic Observability 7.15: Automated correlations, frictionless log ingestion from Google Cloud

Keep your apps performant and error-free. Accelerate troubleshooting with automated correlations, unified views across service logs and dependencies, and agentless log ingestion from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — new in Elastic Observability 7.15.


Elastic Observability 7.14: Unified telemetry and accelerated application root cause analysis

Deploying, managing, and maintaining a large number of agents across numerous data sources can be extremely challenging. Now you can onboard data even faster and more easily through secure centralized management of the unified Elastic Agent.