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Observability and sentiment analysis in a single platform with the ELK Stack

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Dave Moore
Dave Moore

Global Solutions Architect



When you hear the word "observability," you might think of all the technical troubleshooting that's done in the back office by IT and DevOps. But did you know that you can enhance their work by applying intelligent customer sentiment analysis on content gathered by Support and Marketing? Join this session to see how different lines of business can share a single Elastic data platform to make each other better and deliver higher-quality services to customers.

This session will explore how technical and customer-facing lines of business can share insights on a single platform to find and resolve non-obvious issues proactively — before they become costly. We'll show how you can bring in text feeds from customer communication channels such as chat logs, emails, and tweets to pinpoint specific technical issues based on trending topics and sentiment identified through machine learning. Sound complicated? Elastic makes it simple and effective! Let's walk through it together to see how and why.


  • Kibana Spaces - Where teams can focus on what they need to do, and share with others to make each other better.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Use the power of search to turn written feedback into data that you can act on to improve customer experience.
  • Machine Learning - Think less, do more. Elastic learns about your data and points you to what's important as it happens.

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