Tokyo 2017: Machine Learning Deep Dive

5.5でリリースされたMachine Learningは時系列データの異常検知を可能にしました。本セッションでは、NGINXログの投入から、情報付加、可視化、分析、そして異常の予測まで、Elastic Stackを利用した手順をご覧いただきます。

Sophie Chang

Sophie Chang is Team Lead for Machine Learning at Elastic. Formerly VP Engineering at Prelert, she is an experienced engineering manager, with a background in enterprise software and systems management. She has a degree in Physics from Imperial College.

Kosho Owa

Kosho Owa is a Principal Solution Architect at Elastic with over 12 years experience of leading cybersecurity software development teams and working with very large enterprise customers and xSPs. He covers from search to IT operational and cybersecurity analytics use cases and works together with customers to find out gems from massive volumes of heterogeneous data.