Elastic wins the 2023 Worldwide and US Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Commercial Marketplace


We are proud to announce that Elastic has received two Partner of the Year awards from Microsoft for 2023, one for our Worldwide Commercial Marketplace business and the second for our Business Transformation work on the Marketplace. Both of these awards recognize the innovative and unique solutions we’ve built to provide maximum value to our customers.

Building a robust foundation

From our initial collaboration in 2017, our partnership has been rooted in delivering a trusted solution for search, observability, and security in our customers’ Azure environments. We immediately co-invested in developing Elastic as an Azure Native ISV Service and launched our solution on the Commercial Marketplace in 2020, making it easier for our customers to consume, pay for, and deploy Elastic Cloud on Azure. These initial key steps laid the groundwork for the joint success we see today.

Creating customer value: Why Elastic Cloud on Azure?

Our partnership with Microsoft is driven by a shared commitment to deliver exceptional value to our customers. As a top tier Global ISV and recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Insight Engines, Elastic’s successful partnership with Microsoft has exponentially grown due to our joint investment in product and architecture motions. We now have over 3,000 customers who are enjoying the benefits we have worked to create over the years, which have led to Elastic being named as a Finalist for WW Partner of the Year for Commercial Marketplace in 2022 and Winner for both WW and US Partner of the Year for Commercial Marketplace in 2023. 

A few examples that highlight the positive impact our partnership has had on our clients in the last year include:

  • Albert Heijn, who implemented Elastic Observability on Microsoft Azure to keep its supermarket shelves replenished, experienced: 
    • 10% reduction in loss of sales per store per day
    • 40% reduction of end user IT incidents 
    • 99% availability improvement in Workforce Management application with early detection and faster resolution
  • Hutch Games, who uses Elastic Enterprise Search on Microsoft Azure to bring search to its new in-game "Clubs" feature, enabling millions of players to find and share mobile gaming experiences
  • Cranfield University, who deployed Elastic cloud-based SIEM on Microsoft Azure to protect vital IT infrastructure and support revenue opportunities

Celebrating our achievement 

And we are not stopping here. With our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, we aim to continue enhancing our customers’ experience in 2024 by introducing new abilities. For example, we have just launched Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™new capabilities for creating highly relevant AI search applications. You can now build AI search applications with ESRE’s full suite of sophisticated retrieval algorithms that integrate with LLMs.

We express our gratitude to our dedicated team members, clients, and stakeholders who contributed to our success in the last year. 

Elastic is grateful for the support of Microsoft and the dedicated alliance team who have played an integral role in our journey. Together, we will continue to achieve great things.

Learn and try

Curious to learn more about how Elastic can help you accelerate the results that matter? We have numerous resources to get you started.

Want to solve a search issue? Take a look at this page. Trying to figure out how to ingest, view, and analyze your logs from your various applications? Look right here. Interested in ways to detect and respond to threats with SIEM? Peruse this primer.

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