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Kibana security: Access management, spaces, and feature controls

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Aris Papadopoulos
Aris Papadopoulos

Principal Product Manager I



Kibana offers a range of powerful and user-friendly security features for role-based access management, space customization, and multitenancy. Your teams can organize their visualizations, dashboards, and the wide array of Kibana features using Kibana Spaces. To meet your organization’s needs, administrators can control access to spaces with role-based security.

All Kibana users can benefit from these functions because they are available free with our Basic license.. This webinar will help you understand Kibana’s security model and show you how to easily leverage its functionality to secure access and curate your user experience.


  • Overview of Kibana security model
  • Create and manage roles, users, and privileges with the basic authentication provider
  • Organize work and control access with Kibana Spaces
  • Customize the user experience with feature controls
  • Manage saved objects across spaces

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