Local gateway settingsedit

The local gateway stores the cluster state and shard data across full cluster restarts.

The following static settings, which must be set on every master node, control how long a freshly elected master should wait before it tries to recover the cluster state and the cluster’s data.

These settings only take effect on a full cluster restart.

(Static) Number of data nodes expected in the cluster. Recovery of local shards begins when the expected number of data nodes join the cluster. Defaults to 0.

(Static) If the expected number of nodes is not achieved, the recovery process waits for the configured amount of time before trying to recover. Defaults to 5m.

Once the recover_after_time duration has timed out, recovery will start as long as the following condition is met:

(Static) Recover as long as this many data nodes have joined the cluster.

These settings can be configured in elasticsearch.yml as follows:

gateway.expected_data_nodes: 3
gateway.recover_after_time: 600s
gateway.recover_after_data_nodes: 3

Dangling indicesedit

When a node joins the cluster, if it finds any shards stored in its local data directory that do not already exist in the cluster, it will consider those shards to belong to a "dangling" index. You can list, import or delete dangling indices using the Dangling indices API.

The API cannot offer any guarantees as to whether the imported data truly represents the latest state of the data when the index was still part of the cluster.