Numeric Range Filteredit

Deprecated in 0.90.8.

Use the range filter with the fielddata execution mode instead

Filters documents with fields that have values within a certain numeric range. Similar to range filter, except that it works only with numeric values, and the filter execution works differently.

    "constant_score" : {
        "filter" : {
            "numeric_range" : {
                "age" : {
                    "gte": 10,
                    "lte": 20

The numeric range filter works by loading all the relevant field values into memory, and checking for the relevant docs if they satisfy the range requirements. This requires more memory since the numeric range data are loaded to memory, but can provide a significant increase in performance. Note, if the relevant field values have already been loaded to memory, for example because it was used in facets or was sorted on, then this filter should be used.

The numeric_range filter accepts the following parameters:


Greater-than or equal to




Less-than or equal to



Deprecated in 0.90.4.

The from, to, include_lower and include_upper parameters have been deprecated in favour of gt,gte,lt,lte


The result of the filter is not cached by default. The _cache can be set to true to cache the result of the filter. This is handy when the same points parameters are used on several (many) other queries. Note, the process of caching the first execution is higher when caching (since it needs to satisfy different queries).

If caching the result of the filter is desired (for example, using the same "teen" filter with ages between 10 and 20), then it is advisable to simply use the range filter.

If the now date math expression is used without rounding then a range numeric filter will never be cached even if _cache is set to true. Also any filter that wraps this filter will never be cached.