Custom URL or file systemedit

A plugin can also be downloaded directly from a custom location by specifying the URL:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install [url] 

must be a valid URL, the plugin name is determined from its descriptor.


To install a plugin from your local file system at /path/to/, you could run:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///path/to/

To install a plugin from your local file system at C:\path\to\, you could run:

bin\elasticsearch-plugin install file:///C:/path/to/

Any path that contains spaces must be wrapped in quotes!

If you are installing a plugin from the filesystem the plugin distribution must not be contained in the plugins directory for the node that you are installing the plugin to or installation will fail.


To install a plugin from an HTTP URL:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install http://some.domain/path/to/

The plugin script will refuse to talk to an HTTPS URL with an untrusted certificate. To use a self-signed HTTPS cert, you will need to add the CA cert to a local Java truststore and pass the location to the script as follows:

sudo ES_JAVA_OPTS="" bin/elasticsearch-plugin install https://host/