An error event contains at least information about the original exception that occurred or about a log created when the exception occurred. For simplicity, errors are represented by a unique ID.

An Error contains:

  • Both the captured exception and the captured log of an error can contain a stack trace, which is helpful for debugging.
  • The culprit of an error indicates where it originated.
  • An error might relate to the transaction during which it happened, via the
  • Data about the environment in which the event is recorded:

    • Service - environment, framework, language, etc.
    • Host - architecture, hostname, IP, etc.
    • Process - args, PID, PPID, etc.
    • URL - full, domain, port, query, etc.
    • User - (if supplied) email, ID, username, etc.

In addition, agents provide options for users to capture custom metadata. Metadata can be indexed - labels, or not-indexed - custom.

Most agents limit keyword fields (e.g. to 1024 characters, non-keyword fields (e.g. error.exception.message) to 10,000 characters.

Errors are stored in error indices.