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How has COVID-19 changed the role of the IT Leader?

Hosted by:

Leah Sutton
Leah Sutton

SVP of Global Human Resources


Kim Huffman
Kim Huffman

Global VP of Information Technology


Frederic Giron
Frederic Giron

VP, Research Director, Forrester

Guest Speaker


The COVID-19 pandemic upended notions of what business resilience should look like and cemented the shift to remote and hybrid working models as a permanent fixture for many global organizations.

IT leaders have realized that an adaptive business model with employee experience at its core is the key to building business resilience in times of disruption. As they look to reset strategy and rebuild organizational resilience for the post-pandemic age, what are the lessons from the pandemic? And, what should they prioritize as they reinvent their infrastructures to support remote workforces?

In this webinar, Kim Huffman, Global VP of Information Technology at Elastic, and Leah Sutton, SVP of Global Human Resources, sit down with guest speaker, Forrester VP and Research Director Frederic Giron to discuss the evolving role of the IT leader as not just as the leader of corporate IT, but also an active partner in steering cross-departmental vitality, growth, and longevity for employees.

Topics covered: 

  • How are IT leaders taking an employee-centric approach to their technology decisions and establishing an environment where IT fosters engagement and productivity? 
  • What partnerships, strategies, and solutions do IT leaders need to build an adaptive and resilient business for the future? 
  • Why is empathetic leadership needed to create a more adaptive, resilient, and efficient organization?

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