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Getting Started with the Elastic Stack on Microsoft Windows and Azure

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Morgan Goeller
Morgan Goeller

Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture



A growing number of our users work in the Microsoft/Windows ecosystem. With information being generated everywhere via text, data and metrics coming from the Windows event logs, IIS, SQL Server, and .NET applications, users need a convenient, scalable way to manage it all.

The Elastic Stack is the ideal platform for working with unstructured data in the Microsoft ecosystem. In fact, Microsoft itself is a strong Elastic Stack user, using the stack to drive the content backend of MSN.com, power Microsoft Azure Search, centralize log aggregation for Yammer.

Everyone on the Microsoft platform needs to store, search, analyze, and visualize their data and systems, whether data is generated on premise, in Azure, on physical machines, in VMs, or in serverless functions. No matter how you’re generating data, Elastic Stack makes it easier to do more with it. 

In this video, we show you how to:

  • Get started on Windows with Beats and Elasticsearch
  • Work with Windows data, including the Windows Log, IIS, and .NET applications
  • Leverage SAML and Active Directory
  • Integrate the Elastic Stack with ODBC, SQL Server, and Azure
  • Use the Elastic Stack to monitor your Azure environment

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