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Building Effective Dashboards with Kibana and Elasticsearch

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Morgan Goeller
Morgan Goeller

Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture



You have probably built graphs, charts, and dashboards in everything from spreadsheets to BI tools to the Elastic Stack. Still, it can be a challenge to build just the right visualization so that it is available when you want it, where you want it, and in the way you want it.

Morgan Goeller,  Principal Solutions Architect, shows you how to build visualizations quickly, easily, and effectively using Kibana and the Elastic Stack. Learn how to effectively work with text, numbers, and time series data so you can build and share visualizations of your data quickly, intuitively, and in real time. This video also covers how to take advantage of automation in order to ingest your data as rapidly as possible as well as how to help ensure your visualizations stand the test of time. 

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