Articles de Felix Barnsteiner


Improving the Elastic APM UI performance with continuous rollups and service metrics

We made significant improvements to the UI performance in Elastic APM to make it scale with even the most demanding workloads, by pre-aggregating metrics at the service level, and storing the metrics at different levels of granularity.


Simplifying log data management: Harness the power of flexible routing with Elastic

The reroute processor, available as of Elasticsearch 8.8, allows customizable rules for routing documents, such as logs, into data streams for better control of processing, retention, and permissions with examples that you can try on your own.


Elastic Observability 8.8: Efficient operations with GitOps-based synthetics monitoring and direct AWS Firehose ingest

Elastic Observability 8.8 delivers the general availability release of synthetic monitoring, the ability to ingest data directly to Elastic Cloud from Amazon Kinesis Firehose, and new capabilities for managing service level objectives.


Embracing invokedynamic to tame class loaders in Java agents

Byte Buddy makes it easy to write Java agents without bytecode know-how. But class loaders and other complexities can still ruin your day. Here's a novel invokedynamic-based architecture that simplifies agent development.


Elasticsearch comme base de données chronologique

Vous vous êtes toujours demandé comment Elasticsearch gère les données chronologiques? Lisez l’article de Felix Barnsteiner chef de projet de stagemonitor.