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Tracking your Infrastructure Logs & Metrics in the Elastic Stack (ELK Stack)

Presentado por

Tanya Bragin

VP Product Management, Observability


Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Aspectos destacados

The Elastic Stack (formerly ELK Stack) has always been a popular choice for analyzing infrastructure logs and metrics. If you are using (or evaluating) the Elastic Stack for your observability initiatives, you will be thrilled by the slew of new features that launched in version 6.5. There’s so much goodness there, we decided to pack it into one punchy webinar.

Tanya Bragin, Senior Director of Product at Elastic, gives a whirlwind tour and demo of the new functionality.

New feature highlights include:

  • Infrastructure UI for a 10k ft view of your systems
  • Logs UI for a real-time console-like tail for your logs
  • Beats Central Management, you know, for centrally managing your Beats
  • Functionbeat, for serverless shipping from cloud infra
  • Rollups in Kibana

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