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Getting started with Elastic Enterprise Search (Beta)

Presentado por

Matt Riley

VP Product Management


Ben Pruden

Sr Director, Industry Solution & Value Marketing


Aspectos destacados

With its ease of deployment, pre-tuned relevance, intuitive interface, and hassle-free administration, Elastic Enterprise Search (Beta) provides a powerful yet simple way to apply the relevance, scale, and speed of Elasticsearch to your organizational search needs. When you create a single source of truth, people can spend less time finding and more time doing.

Learn how to spin up the all-new Elastic Enterprise Search on your own hardware at no charge during the beta period, and start instantly indexing content across a variety of common cloud applications (Salesforce, Dropbox, Drive, GitHub, or connect to any source with the Custom Source API).

Webinar Highlights:

  • Get a rundown of downloading, prerequisites, and beta details
  • Review common cloud and enterprise data sources
  • Understand different search capabilities: weights, autocomplete, facets, and more
  • Monitor and customize the search experience
  • Learn how to get involved in the Elastic community

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