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Emerging trends in search

Hosted by:

Rowan Curran

Rowan Curran



Kathleen Walker

Kathleen Walker

Sr. Director, Product Marketing (Search)



What’s on the search horizon for the coming year? We sat down with Forrester machine learning expert Rowan Curran to examine the current state of search and peer into the future to examine developing search trends.

According to Forrester’s data, advanced insights-driven businesses have adopted cognitive search technologies at nearly 2X the rate of other organizations, driving better growth and revenue outcomes.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll touch on:

  • How keyword-based search is giving way to machine-learning-driven search technology, bringing about hybrid search technologies that combine traditional search functionality with cutting-edge ML concepts
  • The ways in which ML is shifting from being solely the realm of developers and search experts into a democratized version that’s more accessible for business users and non-technical folks
  • Improved ease of use and automation capabilities for machine learning, removing some of the difficulty from building, administering, and maintaining ML-powered search
  • New developer-focused tools and custom apps that help organizations design, build, and implement search faster than ever

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