Found: Elasticsearch-as-a-Service, now with Alerts

FoundWatcher.jpgI’m excited to announce that today, Watcher, our alerting and notifications plugin, is now available in Found, our hosted Elasticsearch product. This is super exciting for us as Watcher represents the second commercial product to be integrated into our hosted Elastic offering following this summer’s release of Shield, our security plugin. In addition, for those of you in Asia, Found is in Sydney too, in addition to, being available in Tokyo and Singapore.

Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog post on Found, our strategy, and how taking an open source product and turning it into a world-class service is more than just “hosting”. As the creators of the open source products -- Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana -- we’ve worked hard to ensure Found leverages our 5 years of history of developing and supporting them to give you:

  • Tools to easily scale and add or remove nodes to your cluster without service interruption
  • A deep, proactive level of high availability and monitoring based on our experience operating thousands of clusters at scale. We ensure there are no “red” clusters!
  • Optimized versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana that are geared towards a service offering
  • The ability to choose your desired release version, and a seamless, one click, upgrade to the latest version, so you can use the latest features
  • Lights out and proactive support from our collective team of experts

Thanks to our teams working closely together, we can take the innovation we are doing in our open source and commercial products and easily extend it to Found, and provide massive benefits to our customers. For example:

  • Shield: Customers get automatic built-in security features such as authentication, encryption, role-based access control, IP filtering, auditing, etc.
  • Watcher: Customers can easily set up alerts and notifications on any type of data, as well as, integrate it with tools like Nagios, PagerDuty, HipChat and Slack.
  • Marvel: Customers get automatic notifications on the health of their clusters including real-time and historical analysis.

We’re also super happy that Found is enabling our customers to focus on running their core businesses, and that companies like Docker, HotelTonight, Instacart, and several Fortune 500 companies, use Found to run their mission critical applications.

Of course our customers are asking us for more.

Our philosophy, which ties heavily to our open source roots, is to give freedom to our users while using our products. Today, Found runs on Amazon AWS, but we are working on allowing our users to use Found as a standalone product that can be installed on premise and later be offered across multiple cloud providers. This is extremely exciting to me, and points to the adoption and popularity of what we have built. It is also something I hear users, who juggle multiple clusters, asking for all the time.