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Infrastructure metrics and observability with the Elastic Stack

Hosted by:

Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Dan Roscigno
Dan Roscigno

Customer Success Manager



Ready to get started on your observability journey? We'll go over the basics of using the Elastic Stack for your infrastructure and system metrics. We'll also show how combining your infrastructure metrics with your logs and application traces can benefit you and your business. Join us to see how Elastic Observability can help you get to the bottom of issues faster and reduce your MTTD/R.


  • Setting up data ingest using Metricbeat or Agent
  • Helpful hints for setting up dedicated users and roles for observability data
  • Custom visualizations and dashboards in Kibana
  • Dedicated observability apps and default dashboards
  • Overview of Elastic Stack deployment options
  • Where to find additional resources

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