The Elastic{ON}17 Call for Presentations window closed at 7:00 pm UTC on October 24, 2016. But we always <3 a good story, so keep those ideas coming...

We dig many topics and themes. Typically, we look for stories featuring:

  • Use cases big or small, operational log analytics or embedded search, monitoring or mining, numbers or metrics. Really anything where you're pushing the Elastic Stack to known, new, or different heights.
  • Details on the business and technical journey of your project from concept to production and any stop along the way
  • Lessons learned, challenges encountered, and \o/ moments you’ve had in your development cycle
  • Best practices around Elastic products
  • Extensions, applications, and plugins built on, with, or for the Elastic Stack

Just like the Pirate Code, those points are more like guidelines than actual rules. So if you think you have a good story, fill in the form below as we're eager to read more about it.


Your submission was successfully entered! We'll have a look and be in touch if your talk is a good fit for an upcoming Elastic{ON}.

The way I became an Elasticsearch expert was through training and support. I have a good search background and a lot of experience, but there's still a lot of value in the support for me. It continues to pay off.

Geena Rollins

Senior Principal Software Engineer | Symantec