Elasticsearch Consensus: The Past, the Present, and the Future


Boaz Leskes

Cloud Tech Lead


Yannick Welsch

Jason Tedor

Tech Lead


David Turner


Take a journey through the evolution of consensus within the distributed system we call Elasticsearch. See the overarching strategy over the years and learn how (and why) the Elasticsearch team improved things iteratively while still shipping software.

We'll backtrack to the 0.90 days and explain the challenges we were facing. Then we'll discuss the big 1.4 improvements to ZenDiscovery and choosing our current strategy to be open to our users with the resiliency page. We'll also explain why we chose working on our high throughput data replication first (seq# ftw) and provide a glimpse into the future as well as the current ZenDiscovery rewrite. Learn about the effort that went into this area, get insights into our thought process, and see how we’re continuing to increase user confidence in our future as a primary datastore.

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