How the World is Using Elasticsearch

It's been just over a year since Elasticsearch Inc was born, and about 3.5 years since our CTO, Shay Banon, first released Elasticsearch. From that time to now, we've brought almost 40 developers on board to grow and maintain the ecosystem around Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, and we've seen our software downloaded almost half a million times per month. Just a week ago, we hit the memorable milestone of 5,000,000 downloads, an impressive number by anyone's standard. The fact that nearly 4,000,0000 of those were downloaded over the last 12 months, and that number is growing at a rate of nearly 500,000 a month makes it even more special.

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana are on fire, baby!

Members of all startups will consistently tell you how proud they are of their world-changing technology, phenomenal growth and market traction, and we are - of course - no exception. However, we'd like you to hear these things from our customers and our users, not from us.

To that end, we've had a robust case study program going for the past few months, leading to some pretty amazing stories of how Elasticsearch has helped companies create new revenue streams, improve their customer interaction, create stellar new application functionality and save money. Today, we'd like to share some of these case studies with you and, more importantly, to ask for you to let us know how you're using Elasticsearch.

Watch how Elasticsearch powers Loggly's Cloud Based Log Management Service

Elasticsearch Powers Social, ECommerce, Education and Much More…

We've seen a number of compelling use cases for Elasticsearch across the full spectrum of social companies, including:


If you're one of the many household names using Klout to create campaigns that target social influencers, you're using Elasticsearch. Take a look at this case study to find out how Elasticsearch made it possible for Klout to provide their forthcoming self-service option to their customers, which Klout predicts will allow them to at least double their current revenues.


XING is the leading business social network in Europe, with half its users located in Germany and the other half throughout the rest of Europe, Asia and Australia. XING has called their relationship with Elasticsearch a strategic partnership, far beyond a simple customer and service provider relationship. Learn more about how we've forged these deep ties with our customer by enabling XING to keep their users' updates flowing in real-time.


Elasticsearch empowers GitHub's 4 million 'social coders' through providing search across GitHub's 8 million + code repositories. The GitHub team also makes use of Elasticsearch to monitor for abuse using some fairly clever logging hacks. You can get all the details in our GitHub case study.

See how Elasticsearch Enables Stack Overflow's Users to Find the Answers They Need


Focusmatic provides its customers with brand insights from across all aspects of the social web: blogs and micro-blogging sites, video content, news outlets and social networks. Thanks to Elasticsearch, Focusmatic was able to scale to meet the needs of their current customers and, more significantly, be prepared to meet the needs of many more new customers, all at 75% less cost. Read all about how Elasticsearch made it possible for Focusmatic to “continue their business."


Cogenta provides retail market data to high-end brand retailers in Europe, with plans currently underway to expand into 20 countries worldwide. Their real-time pricing intelligence platform tracks and analyzes competitive data on more than 20 million products. Take a look at how Elasticsearch helped Cogenta prepare for this customer base expansion at a 40% lower total cost of ownership.


Datadog is a SaaS monitoring service startup for IT, operations and development teams that enables these teams to better analyze metrics and events, ensuring their operations continue smoothly. By using Elasticsearch, Datadog was able to scale to take on larger customers who produce 500x more events than Datadog could originally handle. You can learn all about how Elasticsearch helped Datadog increase their event handling capacity by 11x.

How Are You Using Elasticsearch?

We are always excited to hear from anyone using Elasticsearch: we want to know why you chose Elasticsearch, plus how it has made life easier for you and better for your customers. Drop us a line anytime and share your story.