Elastic Stack 8.13.2 released


Version 8.13.2 of the Elastic Stack was released today. We recommend you upgrade to this latest version. We recommend 8.13.2 over the previous versions 8.13.1 and 8.13.0.

The 8.13.2 patch release contains a fix for a bug in JDK22 in both 8.13 and 8.13.1 releases. This bug causes Elasticsearch nodes to crash, as well as, causing data corruption. The current workaround is to downgrade both 8.13 and 8.13.1 to JDK.21.0.2

This patch release, also, contains fixes for issues where TSVB, canvas widgets, and dashboard markdowns not loading as expected after 8.11 to 8.13 upgrade

For details of the issues that have been fixed and a full list of changes for each product in this version, please refer to the release notes.