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Elastic Stack 7.9.2 released

Today we released Elastic Stack version 7.9.2. We recommend all users upgrade to this latest version.

The 7.9.2 patch contains fixes and small enhancements for the stack.

There is a known issue with Elasticsearch on some older Linux OS. Elasticsearch 7.9.2 bundles JDK 15. On Linux, JDK 15 requires glibc 2.14. Some older OS such as Oracle Enterprise Linux 6, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, and CentOS 6 do not have glibc 2.14 available via their package managers. This means that the bundled JDK is not supported on these OS. Elasticsearch 7.9.2 will detect when glibc 2.14 is not available, and fallback to using JAVA_HOME to determine the installation of Java to use as the runtime for Elasticsearch. If you are running Elasticsearch on one of these OS, you will need to ensure that JAVA_HOME is configured in the environment in which you start Elasticsearch.

For a list of all updates, please refer to the release notes for the individual products:

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