Kibana 7.9.2edit

See also breaking changes in 7.9.


Machine Learning
  • Improves performance of job exists check #77156

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes alerts unable to create or update when the name has trailing whitepace #76079
Machine Learning
  • Swim lane pagination for viewing by job ID #76847
  • Fixes custom URLs processing for security app #76957
  • Fixes an issue in Snapshot and Restore UI where creating a policy, repository, or snapshot with a special character, like a colon, in the name would result in a 404 when viewing details or editing any of the aforementioned #76278
  • Indices that contain the characters % { [ @ no longer cause a 405 error in Index Management #76584
  • Fixes an issue in the snapshot and restore policy creation form that allowed a policy to be created without an index specified #76855
  • The snapshot and restore wizard now notifies users when a policy configured with a non-existing repository is being updated and requires that the user select a new repository #76861
  • Fixes an issue in the grok debugger where simulation error messages are not being displayed #77499
  • Fixes drawing shapes in maps app broken in 7.9.1 #76329
  • Prevents edit/create for Stack Monitoring alerts in Alerts Management #77097
  • Fixes improper lodash syntax #77105
  • Fixes UI error when alerting is not available #77179
  • Fixes bug causing multiple overrides to only show the last confirm modal #76482
  • Fixes remoteAddress being duplicated in userAgent field #76751
  • Fixes an issue that caused savedObject migration errors to not being displayed in the logs #77018
  • Fixes an issue where defaultAppId redirect could fire outside home app #76415
  • Suppresses error logs when clients connect over HTTP instead of HTTPS #77397
  • Adds back in custom images for reporting + tests #76810
  • Adds Lens as a readable saved object for read-only dashboard users #77067
  • Fixes alerting false positives #75577