Kibana 7.9.1edit

See also breaking changes in 7.9.

Bug fixesedit

  • Pluralizes for occurrences vs occurrence #74564
  • User can’t navigate back home using browser nav when clicking link #75755
  • Loses OriginatingApp Connection on Save After Create new #74420
  • Don’t Explore data action in dashboard_only mode #73010
  • Don’t show actions if Discover app is disabled #73017
  • Fixes visualize a field through discover app #73652
  • Fixes issue with query bar not taking full width in safari when selected #74987
Lens and visualizations
  • Shows No data for this field for empty field in accordion #73772
  • Fixes performance degradation after lodash@4 upgrade #75850
Machine Learning
  • Fixes file import button on basic license #75458
  • Adds date picker back onto index based data visualizer page #75658
  • Adds authorization header to data frame analytics job update request #75899
  • Removes encoding for scheduled events labels #75973
  • Anomaly Explorer / Single Metric Viewer: Fix error reporting for annotations #74953
  • The watch API considers an index action without a defined index name to be valid, but the Watcher UI didn’t validate accordingly. This resulted in a bug manifested as the UI rejecting attempts to create Advanced Watches and Threshold Watches with this configuration, and as displaying watches configured this way via Console with "Config error" states in the watches table. This change fixes the bug so that the UI accepts watches that are configured with index actions without a defined index name #74684
  • Fixes a bug in the index template wizard, which resulted in the UI crashing when the user tries to save an index template without visiting the "Mappings" step first #75511
  • Fixes an issue in the mappings editor when trying to clear the "Field type" select dropdown #76263
  • Fixes TMS not loaded in legacy maps #73570
  • Fixes drawing shapes #74689
  • Fixes layer sorting issue with hidden layers at map load #76007
  • Fixes bug where Kibana crashes with collection disabled #75335
  • Swallows errors in opt-in remote notification from the server #75641
  • Adds map configurations to docker list #75035
  • Fixes bug in keystore read process where it was trying to read the directory instead of the keystore file #75659
  • Improves login selector UI to display more detailed error messages #75642
  • Fixes alerting false positives #75577