Elastic Cloud Enterprise Demo

Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) is here to make managing all your Elastic Stack assets on your infrastructure as easy as possible.

ECE makes it very simple to manage a lot of clusters, either through the user interface or by making your own integration using our API.

Check out this overview, demo, and Q&A of Elastic Cloud Enterprise and see how to:

  • Utilize the Elastic Cloud platform on-prem, or in any environment cloud environment, you choose
  • Centrally manage and monitor one, or thousands, of Elasticsearch clusters
  • Keep your clusters secure with automatically enabled features like authentication, role-based access control, and encryption to protect your data
  • Easily scale up, scale down, & upgrade clusters with the click of a button

Additional resources:

Want to learn more about the differences between the Amazon Elasticsearch Service and our official Elasticsearch Service? Visit our AWS Elasticsearch comparison page.

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Uri Cohen

A product manager by profession and an engineer at heart, Uri is Sr. Director, Product Management for Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise. His background includes engineering and product management in the areas of distributed systems, cloud and devops. He's also the proud father of 4, and masquerades during weekends as an all-mountain and occasionally downhill bicycle rider, trying his best to keep his body in one piece.

Michael Basnight

Michael Basnight is an engineer on the Cloud team at Elastic. Michael was involved in the foundation and development of the existing Elastic distributed team and previously held the role of team lead. He also worked as the PTL for the OpenStack Trove project building databases as a service.