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Introduction to Elastic 8.2: Build it better, search it faster, solve it smarter

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Brent Cox
Brent Cox

Senior Solutions Architect, SLED



In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and feature updates in Elastic 8.2 that enables you to build seamless search experiences faster and with greater flexibility, extend visibility into highly distributed, high-volume cloud-native services, and enhance security analysts’ overall experience with more meaningful insights.


  • Elastic Enterprise Search
    • Build better search experiences faster by applying Enterprise Search’s ready-to-use relevance-tuning and analytics tools to existing Elasticsearch indices
    • Streamline operations and ensure peak search performance with native monitoring of Enterprise Search logs and metrics in Elastic Cloud
  • Elastic Observability
    • Troubleshoot highly distributed, high volume systems faster and less risk of missing issues with smarter tail-based sampling 
    • Maximize visibility for cloud native services on Amazon Web Systems with AWS Lambda function traces, Amazon S3 and CloudWatch custom logs integration, and new Elastic Serverless Forwarder input sources 
  • Elastic Security
    • Boost security team efficiency and effectiveness with meaningful insights from contextualized alerts, streamlined host inspection, new investigation guides, and the general availability of threat intelligence.
  • Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud
    • Accelerate time to insights with new Discover enhancements to understand data fields and distributions quickly and slice and dice subsets easily
    • Get search results faster with the new random sampler aggregation and multiple  enhancements to Elasticsearch’s vector search capabilities

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