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Elastic Certification

When someone asks for your Elasticsearch credentials, show them your (digital) badge.

Training Certifiation

We are proud to announce Elastic certification, the next step on the training path. You mastered Elasticsearch, now it’s time to enhance your professional visibility and grow opportunities for your company by becoming Elastic certified.

New Training Courses for Certification Preparation

Our Elastic Certified Engineer exam is a rigorous, hands-on test with real-world tasks that need to be solved in real time. To prepare you for this challenge, we’ve launched two brand new training courses that we recommend you attend prior to attempting the certification exam:

Elasticsearch Engineer I

In this introduction to Elasticsearch, you’ll learn how to install and configure a cluster, explore different ways to search and analyze data, learn best practices for your use case, and more.

Elasticsearch Engineer II

This advanced course covers document modeling, Painless scripting, cluster management and monitoring, capacity planning, advanced search and aggregation topics, and more.

Learn more about how these new courses fit into our training curriculum.

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