On-demand webinar

Monitoring with Elastic Machine Learning at Sky


Hosted by

Simon Quain

Monitoring Engineer


Jamie Lynch

Monitoring Developer


Elasticのオフィシャルイベントに参加してみませんか?ユーザーストーリーやディープダイブ(テクノロジーに関する詳細な解説)、Elastic Stackプロダクトのロードマップセッションなど、多数のコンテンツをライブでご覧いただくことができます。日程はこちら »


The dynamic nature and the complex viewing patterns across Sky’s over-the-top (OTT) propositions makes threshold alerting unsuitable except for detecting the most extreme of outages.

In this talk, Simon Quain and Jamie Lynch will explain how Sky leveraged the power of Elastic machine learning features, processing over seven billion documents to help discover trends, learn from real-time data, and generate alerts when anomalies occur. This solution has unearthed issues generating alerts down to device and proposition level, which may have been detected much later or not at all using previous techniques.