Quantitative Cluster Sizing

How many shards should I have? How many nodes should I have? What about replicas? Do these questions sound familiar? The answer is often ‘it depends’. This talk will outline the factors that affect sizing and walk you through a quantitative approach to estimating the configuration and size of your cluster.

Christian Dahlqvist

Christian Dahlquist is part of the Solutions Architecture team at Elastic, helping users build solutions using the most innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine. He previously worked at Basho Technologies in a variety of roles, after many years working within the telecommunications sector across the world.

Ryan Schneider

Ryan Schneider is a Technical Trainer with Elastic. Ryan has worked as a backend and distributed system engineer since 2004 in companies large and small. Ryan has a BS in CS, an MS in Software Development and Management, and was an adjunct professor for the RIT Software Engineering department. Ryan's current role blends his love for teaching, Elasticsearch, and building great software.